Monday, 30 October 2017

Old and New Friends

When you go to #Congo, you will inevitability meet former #missionaries. This weekend I have spent a lot of time with Christer and Bertil, whom I knew since before, and Maria, Eila and Hanno, whom I have already shared lots of #laughs with, even though I didn't know them three days ago. All five of them have been missionaries for many years in Congo #Brazzaville or Congo #Kinshasa (or both countries), which means that they have a lot of good stories and useful experience to share. And no, I did not know that I was going to meet them all, here in Brazzaville. This country brings lots of surprises. Another amazing #surprise was the reunion with my #Congolese #friend Piane. Last time we met was five years ago! #friends #congobrazzaville #congokinshasa #nursestudent #livetsomstudent #blivandesjuksköterska