Monday, 11 December 2017

Water is Life

Everyday #life in #Congo #Brazzaville. The #joy when we have running #water in the tap! And the disappointment when we don't have it... Those days, things become just a little bit more complicated. For example, when I really need to go to the #toilet and I enter the bathroom and realize that there is no water and before I can sit down on the toilet to do what I need to do I first have to go outside the house to fill a bucket with water... Now, this is nothing compared to the about 1.2 million people in this country that have to walk kilometer after kilometer every day to fetch water, or the about 2100 million people around the #world that do the same! And after all, most days we do have running water in the tap. #waterislife #everydaylife #congobrazzaville #nursingstudent #livetsomstudent #blivandesjuksköterska

Safe water for all: